Traveling By Boat

Why It's Awesome

Leisurely pace.

Some may argue that this is a negative aspect but I beg to differ. Boats are not lightning fast, far from it but this is another aspect I enjoy.


Don’t even bother trying to tell me you didn’t dream about sailing boats as a kid, following in the footsteps Christopher Columbus or Vasco De Gama or chasing pirates in the high seas.


With you knees jammed somewhere up around your chin in another cross-country bus, you truly begin to appreciate the luxury of space that boats can afford.

Best boat travel tour destinations

Around the world

Amazon River, South America

From its inconspicuous source in the Peruvian highlands to its mouth near Belém in Brazil, the Amazon River measures more than 6,200km (3,853mi).

Franklin River, Australia

Not for the faint-hearted, rubber-rafting down the wild Franklin River is a challenging and, at times, treacherous undertaking. The isolated wilderness of Tasmania’s World Heritage area protects ancient plants and endemic creatures.

Galapágos Islands, Ecuador

Get on board the wilderness experience of a lifetime by cruising the haunting beauty of the Galápagos Islands – 1,000km (620mi) from mainland Ecuador.


How to Pack for a Boat Trip

Keep it simple.

Even on popular cruise lines, space in the rooms are limited. Don’t bring a bag that won’t slide under a bunk or fit on a small closet shelf. Pack outfits you don’t mind wearing multiple times, and avoid major beauty supplies, especially on a dive boat where no one cares if you hair is blown dry after a day in the water.

Bring smart clothing options.

Tip number one: There are tons of great quick-dry fabrics out there. Make sure to invest in a few key pieces before you step onto a live-aboard boat. If you’ll be swimming, pack one or two extra bathing suits to avoid that icky feeling of pulling on a wet bathing suit.

Stay hydrated and energized.

Between the sun exposure and play time in the saltwater, it’s easy to get dehydrated on a boat. Toting a refillable water bottle around with you wherever you go provides a good reminder to drink up.


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